Metallizing Services

At Master Powder Coating Inc., we provide metallizing services as an efficient alternative to hot dip galvanizing. Metallizing is a thermal spray process that utilizes molten zinc wire. Because it is a spray, rather than a dip process, there is far less material and heat energy waste. Because the molten metal is applied in a fine mist and specifically targeting, metallizing has proven to provide superior protection compared to galvanizing, especially in complex shapes. Just as in wet paint or powder coat applications, specific areas can be masked as needed, allowing us to selectively apply the zinc coating.

Metallizing greatly improves the life of architectural and other steel components and provides cathodic protection as well as an ideal base for additional coatings. Metallizing extends the life of new parts as well as older parts. In addition to in-house coating, metallizing is available as a field service for existing structures in need of repair.

All metal surfaces must have a surface prep of an SSPC-SP-10 near white metal cleaning or a SSPC-SP-5 white metal cleaning before zinc application. After metallizing, parts may be left as is, or coated per customer specification. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, all of our work is guaranteed to be consistent and meet all customer specifications. For more information about our metallizing capability, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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